About Us

Montessori Material Cards (MMC) is about helping you to be better and more effective educators by providing you with quick access to Quality Montessori Materials that you can download and use when needed and at any time of day. We take the pain and time consuming task of researching and creating materials so that you can focus on the important job of educating young minds.

Our materials are just a click, download and print away.

We are a small company whose mission is to serve the Montessori community, especially overworked homeschooling moms and teachers by providing quality and cost effective Montessori materials in a timely fashion.

Our Vision is to educate young minds into the leaders of tomorrow while empowering the mothers, fathers and teachers who are their role models.

We have used the synergy of our engineering and science research backgrounds and being Montessori parents to create Montessori materials for your use. We have invested countless hours and dedicated resources to researching and writing the materials so that you can train the leaders of tomorrow and foster a love of life long learning.

We have been selling Montessori materials around the globe to small Casas and homeschooling families since 2007 under many different umbrellas.

Bart Rowan, PhD, Founder